Bandits gang-rape three women in Haryana’s Panipat; 1 woman murdered


Panipat: Three women were gang-raped by a gang of armed robbers in Haryana. A woman was killed by the assailants. The incident took place in the limits of Math Lauda Police Station in Haryana’s Panipat district.

The victims of violence were non-state workers working in a fish farm in Panipat. The group attacked two houses.

At the first house, a gang of robbers on a bike beat up the head of the house and his wife and stole money. A 45-year-old woman who was being treated for serious injuries after being hit by the assailants died. The cause of death was abdominal injury after the assailant fired.

After tying up the men and children of the second house, three women were gang-raped. 24, 25, 35 year old women were raped. The bandits stole jewellery and Rs 13,000 from here.

Mat Lauda Police informed that two cases have been registered against four assailants on charges of murder and rape. The search for the accused has been intensified.

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