‘Bharat Bandh’ confines largely to rallies, dharnas

Various farmers’ unions, political parties & unions had supported Bandh

BIJAPUR; 08 Dec: The ‘Bharat Bandh’ called by various farmers’ unions on Tuesday confined only to holding protest rallies and Dharnas.

The Bandh was supported by different political parties, trader unions and labour unions to protest against Central Government’s APMC and agriculture Bills, which the farmers are calling ‘Black Bill’.

Though various organizations had extended support for the Bandh, however, shops and commercial establishments along with public transports remained unaffected.

There was routine movement of transport buses and auto rickshaws in the city giving a clear indication that the organizations have not taken the call seriously.

The farmers’ organisations too had said that they have appealed various trade organizations to keep the shop closed and suspend their business for the day.

Meanwhile, as mark of protest, several farmers and trade unions took out protest rallies and staged a dharna at Ambedkar Circle of the city.

In the memorandum, the organizations accused the BJP government of the centre of working for the benefits of corporate agencies by sacrificing the interest of the farmers.

Demanding the government to withdraw the Bills, they said that the Bills, if implemented, would destroy APMC system and handover it to private agencies to exploit the farmers.

Questioning the very objective of the Bills, the release wondered which farmers’ organizations had sought such Bill or with which farmers’ union the government had discussed before coming up with the Bills.

“ Without consulting the farmers and without taking their consent, the government simply brought the Bills, and now it is saying the Bills are in favour of the farmers. These Bills are only in favour of corporate companies and not farmers”, the release said.

Expressing fear that the new system would take away Minimum Support Price (MSP) system, the release accused the government of coming up the new Bills only to ensure that the MSP system is totally abolished.

The protestors demanded the government not only to unconditionally withdraw the Bills, but also make MSP an Act so that it will help farmers in getting good remunerative prices for their commodities.

They said that the unions will continue to support the farmers protesting at Delhi for the last 14 days against the Central Government.

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