Bijapur is largest lemon growing district in Karnataka: Minister Shankar

BIJAPUR; 19 Feb: In the interest of the lemon farmers, mainly of Bijapur district which grows the highest quantity of lemon in the State, the Ministry of Horticulture and redesigned the website of Lime Development Board.

The name of the new website it says Horticulture Minister, R. Shankar.

He gave this information during the recently held meeting of the Board in Bengaluru, where he said that the website has been redesigned to make it user friendly and users can access many information about the board.

“ The customers can avail information such as technical details, wholesale market, details of buyers and others schemes launched by the government for helping the farmers”, he said.

Informing that India is the third largest producer of lemon in the world, he said that after China and Mexico, India stands third in production of Lemon. Stating that the export of lemon has been significantly increasing over the years, he said that India exports lemon to over 25 countries which bring foreign exchange of Rs. 54.78 crore.

“ By producing quality lemon, farmers can earn higher profit and exporters pay good remunerative price for the product”, he said.

He said that Karnataka grows around 3.04621 tonnes of lemon which makes it the fourth highest lemon growing state in the country, after Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Present, lemon is cultivated on over 21,000 hectare land in the State while the share of Bijapur district is 12,168 hectares which is the highest in the State.

In his address, President of the Board Ashok Allapur said that lemon can be cultivated even in less fertile land and also it requires limited water.

He said that the Board plans to promote other citric fruits also to help the farmers.

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