BJP MLA, Yatnal seeks resignation of CM Yediyurappa

He said CM has no moral right to continue as he has including MLA in cabinet by taking money

BIJAPUR; 13 Jan:  Former Union Minister and BJP MLA, Basanagouda Patil Yatnal who has now apparently become the strongest critic of the Chief Minister, B. S. Yediyurappa, has accused the CM of inducting those MLAs in the cabinet who had allegedly blackmailed Yediyurappa using some CD (Compact Disk).

Responding to the cabinet expansion on Wednesday, he told the media persons that while some of the MLAs have got the Ministry by blackmailing the CM others have paid huge amounts of money to clinch the position.

Without naming three of the MLAs who joined the cabinet, he claimed that three of them had met him with the CD and sought his help in removing Yediyurappa from the CM’s post.

“ I was shocked to hear them say that they wanted to remove CM from the post itself. However at that time, I did not care about them and refused to help”, he said.

Demanding the resignation of the CM on moral grounds, Yatnal said that while Prime Minister Narendra Modi is completely against nepotism, Yediyurappa should first start getting rid of nepotism from his home itself.

Reiterating that Yediyurappa will shortly leave the post, he said that dramatic changes will be seen after Sankramana, he said.

Accusing Yediyurappa of involvement in three cases of corruption and the court had fined him Rs 25,000, he said that on the moral ground, CM should tender his resignation.

 “Even many leaders in the party have complained against the CM for giving undue importance to his son and not the MLAs of the party while talking about important decisions.  There are many in the party who are dissatisfied with his leaders “, he said.


Continuing his allegations against the CM, Yatnal claimed that recently CM offered Rs 83 crore to the Veerashaiva-Lingayat Maths to make them rebel against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP.

He has done this as a precaution only in case the party high command decided to remove him from the post of CM”, he said.

“ Yediyurappa is using the Veerashaiva-Lingayat Maths to safeguard his political power. He has clearly disgraced the community for this political mileage. He should take moral responsibility and tender resignation from his position”, urged Yatnal.

Congress is Dead   

Accusing the Congress of playing adjustment politics with Yediyurappa, he said that CM and his son B Y Vijayendra have paid large sums of money to  Congress leaders for not going seriously against Yediyurappa.

“ This is the reason why the opposition party has become completely dead in the state”, he charged.

He however claimed that he is not an aspirant for the cabinet berth and is satisfied working for the people of his constituency.

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