BJP sets new rules for its TV debate participants

The start of June saw India set on the task of damage control, after about 15 Islamic countries condemned India over Bhartiya Janata Party’s (BJP) now-suspended members’ remarks. Nupur Sharma is one of them had made inflammatory comments on Prophet Muhammad on a live television debate. The BJP after coming out of this major controversy has now provided its spokespersons with rules and guidelines to be followed during TV debates, India Today reported.

According to new rules, only official spokespersons and panelists will be allowed to appear in TV debates. The BJP media cell will be assigning spokespersons for the shows, reported India Today. The spokespersons should not speak about religious symbols. They have been asked to use restrained language and not get excited or agitated, and not to violate the ideology and principles even if instigated. They have also been asked to prepare and find party’s take on any given matter before appearing for a TV debate.

Qatar, Kuwait and Iran had not only condemned India over inflammatory remarks made against Prophet Muhammad but had also summoned Indian envoys and filed official complaints or gave a notice. A total of 15 Islamic countries including Jordan, Maldives, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bahrain, Libya, UAE and Oman had condemned India.

On 10th June, Friday, huge protests erupted in several parts of India over the same controversy, curfew has imposed in several places.


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