BJP used JD(S) to pass anti cow slaughter act in the assembly: Eshwarappa

He said that except Congress and Muslim League, BJP is ready to join hands with any party

BIJAPUR; 25 Feb: Minister for Rural Development and Panchayatraj, E. S. Eshwarappa has declared that except Congress and Muslim League, the BJP is ready join hands with any other party.

Addressing media persons on Thursday, he said that calls us opportunistic or anything, but the party ‘used’ JD(S) to pass anti cow slaughter act in the assembly.

“ Since cow protection is important for us, we had no hesitation to taken support of any party for such issues. We will take use of such parties in sensitive issues such as cow protection”, he said.

But in response to the JD(S) ditching BJP and joining hands with Congress in Mysuru Corporation, Eshwarappa described the JD(S) as the party which is known for betraying.

Expressing anguish over the remark of Siddaramaiah who has asked for the account of the donation collected for Ram Temple, he asked what right Siddaramaiah has for asking for an account.

“ In the past, the Congress lost elections because of the curse of cow, and in future, it will become obsolete because of the curse of Lord Ram.

Advising the BJP MLA, Basanagouda Patil Yatnal not to keep criticizing CM B. S. Yediyurappa and his son, Vijayendra, Minister for Rural Development and Panchayatraj, E. S. Eshwarappa has asked not to breach the line of discipline of the party.

He said that he has in the past also advised Yatnal to remain within the limit of the party’s discipline, however he has not taken his suggestion seriously.

“ No doubt Yatnal is a strong advocate of Hindutva and he appreciated that, however when it comes to party discipline, he is not following the right direction”, he said.

He however asked him to use the right platform and within four walls if he has any complaint against any person in the party but not to raise the issue publicly. It will bring bad name for the party if complained in open.

When asked about the party’s disciplinary committee issuing notice to Yantal, the Minister said he is not aware of it.

Taking on Former Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, he said that Siddaramaiah has the nature of a dictator thus he wants everything to be done according to his wish.

Stating that despite losing election from Chamundeshwari, Siddaramaiah has not learned any lesson, Eshwarappa said that Siddaramaiah is still dreaming of becoming CM again, which he will never do.

“ The man who came to power in the name of backwards and dalits, did nothing for them. Therefore, the people are upset with him and the Congress which he represents”, the Minister said.

With regard to giving reservation to several other communities who are holding protests, Eshwarappa said that many deserving communities are still deprived of reservation benefits.

He said that in the past, many poor communities could not raise voice for reservation.

“ But today, thanks to several seers and leaders, they are raising the issue of reservation which I welcome”, he said.

He added that the government will take legal opinion before taking any decision on giving reservation benefits to other communities.

BJP leaders, Raju Biradar, Vivekanand Dabbi, Vijay Joshi, Sabu Mashyal, Shivanand Awati and others were present.

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