Breaking News: Big shock for JDS; Prajwal Revanna disqualified from MP seat

The High Court has issued an order disqualifying JDS MP Prajwal Revanna from Hassan on the allegation that he submitted false information in the election affidavit.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Prajwal Revanna contested and won as a JDS candidate from the Hassan Lok Sabha constituency. Prajwal Revanna, who is also growing as an influential young leader of the Deve Gowda family, is now disqualified from the seat of MP. The High Court has issued an order that one cannot stand for election for six years.

A single-judge bench headed by Justice K Natarajan partially allowed the election petition filed by incumbent JDS MLAs A Manju and G Devaraj Gowda, who were defeated by the BJP.

The court also rejected A Manju’s plea that Prajwal should be declared the winning candidate as he was involved in election irregularities.

In the complaint, Prajwal Revanna had given several false information in his affidavit and action should be taken to cancel his nomination.

Prajwal Revanna, who contested as an alliance candidate from the Hassan Lok Sabha constituency, won in his first attempt. They have given false information in the affidavit and are trying to mislead people. BJP candidate A. Manju, who lost in Hassan, had filed a petition in the High Court on June 26, 2019, demanding that Prajwal’s MP seat should be canceled.

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