BREAKING: Plea filed in SC to have President inaugurate the new Parliament building

The controversy surrounding the inauguration of the new Parliament building has taken a new turn as a plea was filed in the Supreme Court to have President Droupadi Murmu inaugurate the new Parliament building.

According to the petition, filed by attorney CR Jaya Sukin, the statement made by the Lok Sabha Secretariat on May 18 and the invitations issued by the Secretary General of the Lok Sabha for the inaugural function of the new building are in violation of the Indian Constitution, Bar and Bench reported.

“That President is the First Citizen of India this regard and head of the institution of parliament….That all important decisions regarding the country are taken in the name of Indian President,” the plea read.

The plea argues that the Indian parliament, which includes the President and two Houses (Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha), has the highest legislative authority in India. It states that the President has the power to convene and adjourn the parliament or dissolve the Lok Sabha. Referring to Article 79 of the Indian Constitution, the plea claims that the President is an integral part of the parliament and should not be excluded from the inauguration. The petitioner alleges misconduct by the Lok Sabha Secretariat in this regard.

19 opposition parties issued a joint statement urging that the President as the head of the State should inaugurate the new Parliament building which is set to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narender Modi on 28th May.

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