Canada Expels Diplomat After PM Trudeau Claims Indian Involvement in Killing of Khalistani Leader

Canada has expelled a senior Indian diplomat following claims made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding India’s alleged involvement in the assassination of a prominent Khalistani leader. Tensions between the two nations have escalated, and international observers are closely monitoring the situation.

The diplomatic row began when Prime Minister Trudeau made a statement during a press conference on Monday, accusing India of having a hand in the killing of Kartar Singh Bhullar, a well-known figure in the Khalistani movement. Bhullar was gunned down in Vancouver last week, and his death has raised concerns about the resurgence of Khalistani extremism in Canada.

Trudeau’s remarks, which came as a surprise to many, were met with swift denials from the Indian government. India’s Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement calling the allegations baseless and urging Canada to provide concrete evidence before making such serious accusations.

In response to Trudeau’s claims, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, announced the expulsion of a senior Indian diplomat, citing the need to protect Canada’s national security interests. The diplomat, whose identity has not been disclosed, has been given a limited time to leave the country.

The move has further strained diplomatic relations between the two nations, which have been experiencing tension over various issues in recent years.

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