Class 8th Social Studies Textbook publishes Offensive-Derogatory picture representing terrorist holding ‘Holy Quran’

Some contents of a class 8th Social Studies Textbook – “Real life beyond” have published really derogatory and discriminatory picture with a person holding a “Gun” in his right hand along with The “Holy-Quran” in his left hand, captioning him as “Terrorist”.

Several people have taken it to Twitter, and called out this bigotry. “Some contents of a school Study Material [8 th class ,Social Studies – Real life beyond Textbook ] it is clearly discriminating a person holding a “Gun” in his right hand along with The “Holy-Quran” in his left hand & at the bottom describing him as “Terrorist” 1/2 @kparveen2005,” a Twitter user Shaikh Aslam has tweeted.

This humiliates Muslim students, teachers and the whole community. It also lead to destroy the unity and integrity of the country. Immediate action should be taken against those responsible for writing and approving this book.

Therefore, a picture representing a terrorist holding the holy Quran in one hand along with gun in his other hand has really the hurt the sentiments of Muslims and is bigotry. It is wrong to put such thoughts and representations in the young students mind and make them believe so. As Islamophobia is spreading in India, people are making every possible efforts to link Islam with terrorism.

The book is published by VGS publishers from Hyderabad along with several other publishers. The publisher’s should apologise for hurting the sentiments of Muslims and immediately delete the offensive content from the textbook and reprint a new edition.


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