Complaint filed against teacher over alleged “Go to Pakistan” remark on Muslim students

Shivamogga: A teacher employed at the Government Urdu School in Tippu Nagar is facing allegations of verbally abusing students, reportedly telling them, “This is not your country; go to Pakistan.”

The incident was brought to light when Nazulla, the JD(S) minority division’s district in charge, learned of the matter and subsequently filed a complaint with the education department’s senior officer.

Nazulla expressed deep concern over the incident at the school, where students had a dispute over minor issues. Instead of providing guidance during this situation, it is alleged that the teacher made the divisive remarks, stating, “This is not your country; this is a Hindu country. You should go to Pakistan. You will always be our slaves.” He reported the incident to the authorities, who assured him that appropriate action would be taken against the teacher. He also called for the immediate suspension of the teacher by senior officials.

However, according to the district education officer, Nagaraj, the teacher had been working at the Tippu Nagar government school for the past 7-8 years without any prior complaints. The outburst towards the students occurred suddenly, with the teacher scolding them for not paying attention. In response to the incident and based on the children’s statements, the teacher was voluntarily reassigned to a different duty.

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