Congress Chief YS Sharmila spent the night in the Congress office due to the fear of arrest: Video goes viral

Andhra Pradesh Congress chief YS Sharmila has spent the night in the Congress office, fearing that the government will put her under house arrest. The video of Sharmila’s overnight stay has gone viral everywhere.

As seen in the viral video, YS Sharmila is sleeping in her bed next to her chamber in the party office in Vijayawada. The development came after the Chalo Secretariat protest organized by activists.

The Congress had planned a massive protest to solve the problem of unemployed youth and students.

Speaking to reporters in Vijayawada, YS Sharmila said that Jagan Mohan Reddy has completely failed to solve the problems of youth, the unemployed, and students in the last five years.

On social media, X has also expressed outrage against the government. If we call for a protest on behalf of the unemployed, are you trying to put us under house arrest? Do we not have the right to protest in a democracy? It is shameful for the government that I, a woman, escaped from police house arrest and spent the night in the police office.

“Thousands of policemen have surrounded us. We are being held hostage with iron wires. If we stand up for the unemployed, they are trying to arrest us. You are dictators who are thwarting our efforts. This is a testimony to your action. “The YCP government should apologize to the unemployed,” she demanded.

YS Sharmila, sister of Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, joined the Congress on January 4 and was appointed as the party’s state unit president. Before joining the Congress, YSR of Telangana was the President of Telangana Party.

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