Constant Harassment by Manager of Tata AIG Insurance Company: Employee Suicide

An incident took place on November 11 in Hullahalli near Anekal where a young man who was working as a staff in the claim department of a private insurance company in Bengaluru could not bear the harassment of the company’s manager and committed suicide.

The youth who committed suicide has been identified as Chandrasekhar S (30). An FIR was registered by the Bannerghatta police on the complaint filed by Chandrasekhar’s brother Sasikumar regarding the incident.
‘Balakrishna, who was the manager of the company, was pressuring me to work more and more; He threatened to pay one and a half lakhs if he quit his job because he could not bear the workload. I am poor. I didn’t have that much money. There was so much pressure and torture that I could not even work. Chandrasekhar died after writing ‘I’m sorry’.

Chandrasekhar was working in Tata AIG Insurance Company. In his complaint to the police, his brother Sasikumar described the harassment by the manager. My brother Chandrasekhar has been working in the claim department at Tata AIG Company in Millers Road, Bangalore city for the last three years.

He is married to Gayatri and has a daughter. The company sent Chandrasekhar for training six months ago. After that, instead of 100 to 120 claims per month, Balakrishna, a manager from Visakhapatnam, was constantly pressuring them to make more claims from 250 to 320. When he informed that he was going to quit, he threatened that if he quit, he would have to pay one and a half lakh rupees to the company and he would have to work for three months till the notice period.

Chandrasekhar was offended by this. Also, he told it to his close ones. Chandrasekhar also mentioned this in his last message to his wife Gayatri before committing suicide. The reason for my death was the harassment in the office by his office manager Balakrishna. So, legal action should be taken against him. Sasikumar mentioned in the complaint given to the Bannerghatta police that justice should be provided for his death.

When the reporter contacted manager Balakrishna about this, he said, ‘My name may have been written in the death note. But I did not harass them. If you want to talk about this, come to our office and talk to the HR department.’

The Bannerghatta police said, ‘We have detained and interrogated the accused. He has been granted bail by the court. We are investigating the case,’ he said.

Remember: Suicide is not the solution to problems…even discussing suicides can trigger some. However, suicides can be prevented. In case of emergency call the doctor. Bangalore Helpline 080-25497777, 10 AM to 8 PM, Health Helpline 104.

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