DC Sunil Kumar takes Covid vaccine to dispel fear

He says that the vaccine is safe and nobody should fear of it

BIJAPUR; 09 Feb: By getting Covid vaccine administered, Deputy Commissioner, P. Sunil Kumar has given a clear message to people that the vaccine is safe and everyone should take it for safety and remain free from the Covid infection.

Sunil Kumar got the vaccine administered on Tuesday at the district hospital as part of the second phase of vaccination programme for frontline workers, he said that even after 30 minutes of taking the vaccine, he was feeling normal.

Regretting that despite giving enough information and spreading awareness on the safety of the vaccines, many people are still reluctant to take the vaccine.

“ The government has been holding several awareness programmes and has been telling them about the safety of the vaccine. Many people of different age groups have already taken the dose of the vaccine, but still after that, it seems that some people are carrying fear of the vaccine”, he said.

He said that while over 60% people have got the vaccine so far, he said that still some 40% have to come forward to get the vaccine.

“ So far, we have administered the vaccine to over 6,000 health and frontline workers of the district in the first and second phase of the vaccination drive”, Sunil Kumar said.

Making it clear that no person who got the vaccine administered has reported any health issues, he asserted that the vaccine is safe for all.

He said that all the necessary precautions and guidelines set by the Central Government have been followed by the district administration, and appealed to all the people to take the vaccine. He also urged the people not to heed to the rumors such as the vaccine adversely affects the alcoholics.

District Surgeon, Sharanappa Katti, Mahesh Nagarabettar, A.G. Biradar and other staff were present.

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