Decline in egg retention: Increased temperature reduces consumption

Bengaluru: As the heat of the sun is increasing in the state, the consumption of eggs is decreasing. Hence, wholesale egg retention has also decreased.

In the first week of February, the wholesale price was Rs.600 (per 100 eggs). It fell to Rs.520 by the end of this month. Overall there is a decrease of 80 paise.

However, retailers are reluctant to pass on the benefit of price reduction to consumers. An egg is being sold at a rate of Rs.6.50 to Rs.7.

Celebrating the New Year in January increases the demand for eggs for making cakes. Mostly used in hotels including homes in winter. Otherwise, the consumption is less during the summer season. The National Egg Coordinating Committee (NECC) representatives say that naturally retention will also decrease.

The government is distributing eggs to school children under the Bisyuta scheme. However, the supply of eggs to schools will be stopped during the summer vacation. So, the retention may decrease further in the coming days, said V. Sales Promotion Department Officer, Mysore Division of NECC. Seshanarayan told a news reporter.

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