DU Students protested against ‘Marks jihad’ remark by a professor

Rakesh Pandey made the Islamophobic remarks against Kerala students. He is affiliated to National Democratic Teachers’ Front, a Right-wing teacher’s group and working as a professor at Kirori Mal College in Delhi university.
Rakesh Writes in his Facebook page, “A college had to admit 26 students in a course having 20 seats only because they all had 100 percent marks from the Kerala board. For the last few years, Kerala board is implementing #MarksJihad.”
Neeraj Kundan, President of NSUI strongly opposed the Islamophobic remarks by the professor and says “A few teachers of DU are mentally handicapped. They are not mentally fit to teach students. We hope they get well soon and we demand an apology for all Kerala students and suspension of Rakesh Pandey,”
“This is not the first time this professor has made such statements. Even in his classes, he pulls up students who are from the Kerala state board, many students have reported such behavior earlier also,” said NSUI’s Kerala Student Fraternity head Sneha Shaji.
Rajesh Jha from Delhi University Teacher’s Association is of the opinion that, “This is not how a university can work. We are a central university and if we have put out a process for everyone, we will have to stick to it. Blaming it on the university is not a solution, no system is flawless,”.
Due to this issue on Oct 4 all admissions were halted and over a hundred admissions of students from Kerala state board were also help up. They come up with the conclusion that the central ministry would maintain a universal process for all.


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