Fake news spreaders, beware, Karnataka Government with new plan to curb fake news

Bengaluru: Home Minister Dr. G. Parameshwar said on Tuesday that the government will take action to curb fake news through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Talking to reporters in the city, he said some people are busy spreading fake news. It may be politics or it may be a matter of disturbing the peace of the society. We have noticed that fake news is posted on social media. He said that this has to be curbed.

Unrelated photos are being linked. We noticed fake news after the government was formed. He warned that there will be a lot of problems if this is not stopped.

The government has decided to take action to prevent the spread of fake news. Cyber law needs to be amended. In this regard, we will take action if there is an opportunity in cyber law, he said.

We will detect fake news through artificial intelligence technology and take legal action. He said that we will bring appropriate laws to punish those who spread fake news.

We will thoroughly investigate the Bitcoin issue and incident. The previous government has concluded its investigation. We will investigate again. We will decide whether to give it to CID or to another investigating agency. Currently CID is strong. CID will be given co-operation from various agencies.

Talking to reporters in Bengaluru, the minister said that fake news is spread on social media using various platforms and it should be curbed as it has a big impact on the society. “We have decided to take all measures, including the use of AI, to identify those posting fake news and take appropriate legal action against them,” he explained.

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