Farmers, Congress & left leaders oppose cow slaughter ban Act

“ When BJP want money, beef export is ok, when want vote, cow become holy’

BIJAPUR; 10 Dec: The farmers, left and Congress leaders have opposed the Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act which has been  brought by BJP. They have called the Act anti farmers and has been done with the intention of diverting public attention from the main issues of farmers and common people.

Bhimshi Kaladagi, Vice President of Karnataka Rajya Pranta Raita Sangha has criticized the government for bringing the Act, stating that no farmers union was consulted before bringing the Act.

Asserting that for generations, the rural economy is dependent on cattle where the farmers raise cows for milk till the animal reaches a non productive age of giving milk.

“ When the animals grow old and become unproductive, what does this BJP want the farmers to do it. Keep them at home for no reasons.? When the farmers themselves are facing financial crunch, from where the BJP people want the farmers to bring money for the unproductive animals”, he asked.

On the government planning to create cow sheds for all non productive cows, Kaladagi asked why the government should spend public money on keeping unproductive cattle which will put only an additional burden on the government.

Calling the BJP of maintaining duel standards on the Act, he said that while the BJP government in Karnataka bans cow slaughter, the same party government in Goa is against cow slaughter ban as it believes that ban will affect their tourism sector.

“ What kind of hypocrisy is this? How can a cow remain holy in one BJP ruled State and a mere animal in another BJP ruled State. If the party has real concern for cows, then why do the BJP leaders not put pressure on Goa government to bring a similar Act there too”, he remarked.

Kaladagi said that while the farmers are asking something else, the BJP is giving something which is not even in favour of the farming community.

In his statement, Congress leader, Mohammed Rafiq Tapal has also flayed the Act stating that it has been framed only to create fear among the minority community.

He said that the government has brought the law to appease the RSS and Sangha Pariwar.

Wondering why the government has not put any ban on beef exports, he said the law only hurt the poor people while big exporters will remain unaffected.

Stating that most of the Go Shalas are run by BJP workers, Tapal said that in the name of Go Shalas, these people are minting money.

Sharing his views, Communist leader, B. Bhagwan Reddy called the decision aimed at diverting public attention from the real issues.

“ The farmers in the State are protesting against the amendment in the land reform Act. Instead of addressing that issue, the government has come up with a cow slaughter prevention act. Has any farmers union has asked for it, has the government taken suggestion or consent of the farmers”, he asked.

Mentioning one of the clauses of the Act which says no action should be taken against those who are working for the protection of cows, Reddy feared that the law would surely be misused by some anti-social elements in the name of protecting cows.

“ In the name of protecting cows, these elements will start creating nuisance and beating up any one. Since the law gives protection to them and not the cattle owner or transporter, the ultimate victim will be latter and nor former”, he said.

Claiming that several BJP leaders and people associated with right wing organizations are the main beef exporters, he wondered why the BJP has no guts to take action against such people.

“ When you want money, you want beef export, when you want vote, you want a ban on cow slaughter, this is the tactic of the BJP”, he charged.

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