Finally, Mudhol Hound finds place in Karnataka’s canine squad

Bagalkot district police becomes first in the State Police to induct the native canine breed

BAGALKOT; 21 Jan: After defence forces of the country, Bagalkot District Police became the first in the Karnataka State Police to include Mudhol hound into their canine squad.

The officials of Canine Research and Information Centre (CRIC) Timmapur near Mudhol handed over one and half month-old male puppy of Mudhol breed to the district police on Tuesday. With this the district police are the first to include Mudhol hound to their force. 

Superintendent of Police,  Lokesh Jagalasar said that it is one of the biggest days in the district police as they welcomed the Mudhol hound to their canine squad.

“ On a pilot basis we have decided to include Mudhol hounds for sniffing and other works. However, the puppy will be sent to a training centre at Mysuru. After the training we will put the native hound on various tasks during the investigation”, he said.

The SP said that Bagalkot district is the first to induct Mudhol hound to the police canine squad. It is the responsibility of us to encourage, develop and make best use of the Mudhol hound. Earlier, only foreign breeds were permitted to be included in the canine squad, but, recently, a ‘Desi’ hound mainly Mudhol hound has also been added to the list. The police are delighted to have one of the indigenous hounds in our canine squad.

Prior to the Karnataka State Police – the Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan Police have inducted the Mudhol hound to their canine squad. The native hound is also in huge demand in the estates of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Even the CRIC has received orders from the foreign countries. 

In the first week of January, the officials of Indian Air Force had also approached the CRIC seeking seven puppies of Mudhol hound. The officials of CRIC will give only four puppies – two males and two females in the first phase and remaining three in the second phase. Except in Indian Navy – the Mudhol hound has been inducted in all the Indian Armed Forces and in paramilitary forces. 

Mahesh Akashi, head of the CRIC, said that, “Every day we get hundreds of calls from the people inquiring about the availability of the puppies. This season all the puppies have been booked. There are 40 Mudhol hounds in the centre for breeding and research purposes. In the first week of February, we will be handing over four puppies to Indian Air Force. The CRIC centre is gaining popularity across the country,” stated Akashi,

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