‘For BJP, cow is mother in Karnataka and mere animal in Goa’

‘For BJP, cow is mother in Karnataka and mere animal in Goa’

KPCC spokesperson,  Ganihar says cow slaughter ban will only add to agrarian crisis

BIJAPUR; 14 Dec: Claiming that the recently passed Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act passed by Assembly by the BJP government is full of flaws, which will create more agrarian crises and increase unemployment in the tannery industry, KPCC Spokespersons S. M. Patil Ganihar said that the Act has been passed by people who have no experience of raising cows.

Addressing press persons on Monday, he mentioned several points of the Act which he believed are completely illogical and anti-farmers.

Expressing anguish over the government not eliciting the views of farmers before passing the Act, Ganihar asked why no farmers’ union were consulted before passing the Act.

“ After all it is the farmer who will face problems because of the Act. Since farmers raise cows, they know the problems they face. The farmers normally sell their unproductive cows and add little more money to buy new milking cows for additional revenue from dairy. Now, the Act simply does not specify what the farmers should do with the aged and unproductive cows. If the BJP wants the farmers to give unproductive cows to Go-Shalas, then will they have to give it free or the government to buy them from the farmers? If free, then why should farmers give cows for free when they sell it in the market for money”, he asked.

He also wondered why there is no auditing of funds given to Go-shala and the status of cows.

“ We have heard reports of several cows dying unnatural death because of famine. Why is there no system developed by the government to keep a vigil over the Go shalas. Why no action taken against the owners of Go shala when the cows die of famine or any other mistake of the owners”, Ganihar asked.

Mentioning one of the clauses in the Act which says that seized cows would be auctioned, Ganihar wondered if the cow is equal to ‘mother’ for BJP people, then how can they have provision to auction their ‘mother’.

Mentioning a few more clauses which allows the police to conduct search and gives protection to ‘cow protectors’ from any law, Ganihar feared that such free hand to ‘cow protectors’ would create a law and order situation.

“ We have seen already that some so-called cow protectors have lynched people accusing them of taking cows for slaughter. They have beaten up Dalits and Muslims in the name of protecting cows. Now, if these people are not brought under any law, then they will openly start exploiting people and beat up anybody in the name of cow protection. Since there is no law to take action against them, they will go scot free”, he said.

He said that even the farmers will face problems because of this that any person calling himself a cow protector would stop any farmers who are taking cows to farm. “ Does it mean that the farmers will have to take permission from the authorities every time they take their cow to take it to his farm”, he asked.

Accusing the BJP government of maintaining double standards on cows, he said that the BJP does not want a ban on meat export but wants a ban on slaughtering cows.

“ If the BJP has real concern for cows, then why does the Centre government not ban meat export. The reason is that since many top BJP leaders are involved in the meat export business, they do not want to harm their business. For money, they want export, for vote, they want ban on cow slaughter”, he remarked.

Describing BJP showing  hypocrisy, he said that the BJP ruling in Goa and North Eastern States where the party does not want a ban of cow slaughter. BJP leaders in Kerala are not in favour of a cow slaughter ban in their State, but they want a ban in Karnataka and other States.

“ Which means the BJP is using cows for votes based on the need and not for their respect for the animal”, he said.

 On the occasion, he questioned some of the Hindu scriptures which reportedly mentions Hindus consuming cow meat in the ancient era.

He demanded the government to hold consensus with farmers and other stakeholders before bringing the law into effect.

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