Forum opposes arrest of Disha Ravi, calls BJP government dictator

BIJAPUR; 20 Feb: Condemning the arrest of Environmental Activist, Disha Ravi and demanding her immediate release, the  Forum of Progressive Organisations took out rally and submitted a memorandum to the district administration on Saturday.

Addressing the protestors, Activist Bhimshi Kaladagi accused the BJP government of targeting and putting all persons in jail who oppose their policies.

He said that all those activists who have been opposing farm laws, have been either demonized by calling them anti-nationals or have been taken to jail by filing false cases of sedition.

“ In the view of the BJP government, any person who opposes the BJP is anti national and attracts sedition case”, Kaladagi said.

Referring to Disha Ravi, he said that she has been actively participating in several social programmes and protection of the environment. She has also lent her support to the farmers protest.

Just because she joined the group of people, who have been opposing farm laws, the BJP has arrested her, which is clear misuse of government machinery, he charged.

Alleging that the BJP has destroyed the democratic set up of the country, he said that the government has imposed an undeclared emergency in the country.

Another leader, Bhagwan Reddy said that the right to protest is one of the fundamental rights given to people in any democratic country, but in India, BJP is trying to crush this right by taking action against all those who oppose the government.

He said that the BJP first comes out with anti-farmer and anti-people policies, and when people start opposing it, the government starts filing cases against them and starts harassing them.

Any government which believes in democratic principles, will never try to crush the peaceful protests, he said.

Akram Mashalkar, Siddalinga Bagewadi, Irfan Shaikh, Dastagir Ukli, Santosh Holin, Danappa Suragond, Bharatkumar and others were present.

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