Fresh guidelines issued to in wake of possible second wave of Covid

BIJAPUR; 13 Feb:  Deputy Commissioner, P. Sunil Kumar has issued directions with regard to prevent the spreading of covid infection in possible second wave after more cases being reported in Bengaluru.

In a release on Saturday, he said that the government has issued instructions to district administration asking them to ensure the new guidelines are followed.

Elaborating the guidelines, he said that the daily Covid testing target of 2000 will not be changed at all.

In order to reach this target, all steps should be taken and directions have been issued to the officials concerned.

Direction has also been issued to increase RTPCR test and reduce rapid antigen tests.

Intensify contact tracing of the infected persons at the ratio of 1:20.

Wearing masks and maintenance of social distancing has been made mandatory.

Giving more publicity on taking covid vaccine and getting covid tested through various media including social media.

Every day, at least samples of throat swab should be collected at primary health centres, 50 at community health centres and 100 each at taluk government hospitals.

To prevent the spreading of infection during the public events, the number of people who are arriving for the event has been restricted.

For weddings, if conducted in open areas, no more than 500 people should be present, if done in halls, no more than 200 people should be present,  for other events such as birthdays, only 100 people are allowed in open areas and only 50 in halls.

For all religions, political programmes, only 500  people are allowed.

Those coming from Kerala and Maharashtra, RTPCR negative report is mandatory.

The tests should be conducted at the check posts of the district such as Dhulked which connects to Maharashtra.

Sunil Kumar has directed the officials to ensure that all the guidelines are strictly followed and urged the people to cooperate.

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