Give impetus to developing tourism in historic Bijapur city: Randeep

The district in-charge secretary said that Bijapur has highest number of monuments after Delhi in India

BIJAPUR; 08 Jan: D. Randeep, District In-charge Secretary has directed the official concerned to give special emphasis on providing basic amenities and beautification to historically significant Bijapur city.

Chairing the review meeting on Friday, he said that after Delhi, Bijapur has the highest number of protected monuments in the country.

“ Efforts must be made not only to protect and preserve these monuments, but also to provide better facilities to this place to attract more visitors”, Randeep said.

He said that works related to development of roads, solid waste management, installation of street light etc should be done.

Admitting that the city should be developed for tourism sector by making use of the available monuments, he said that all major and connecting roads should be developed for the tourists.

Assuring to speak to the government for required funds, he said that he would try to get special package from the government for the development of the city.

Making it clear that the department of tourism has the great responsibility in providing basic facilities in and around the monuments, he said that the department should prepare comprehensive plans for the development.

For the beatification and proper solid water management, a better plan should be in place.

He asked the officials to prepare plan for eco tourism development in the district.

With regard to the airport work at Burnapur village, Randeep said that with the tender being allotted for first phase of works, he expressed happiness for the commencement of basic works of the airport.

Referring to pending Velodrome project for cyclists, he directed the officials to terminate the contract of the previous agency for incomplete work and call for the fresh tender.

About the recent floods, he directed the officials to prepare plans to preventing damages to lives and properties during such calamities.

He also directed the officials to make effective plan for coming Covid vaccination programme in the district.

Deputy Commissioner P. Sunil Kumar and other officials were present.

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