Government is ready to answer the joint struggle of opposition parties: CM Siddaramaiah

The government is ready to answer every question raised by the opposition in the session. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the problems of Uttar Karnataka will also be focused on in this session.

Speaking to the media at Belgaum airport on Monday, he said, “Six months have passed since the formation of the government, the opposition leader has not been chosen for the BJP. “The opposition has no morals to question the government,” he said.

“This time, even if the opposition parties are fighting jointly, the government is ready to answer all their struggles,” he said.

All guarantee schemes are programs for the poor

Answering a journalist’s question about the failure of guarantee schemes in the Panchayat elections, he said, “Congress has won with a majority in Telangana. “BJP, which has won in Madhya Pradesh state, has also announced guarantee schemes,” he said.

“Congress government never announces schemes to guarantee victory in elections. These are implemented with sincerity to empower the poor economically and socially. All guarantee schemes are programs for the poor,” he said.

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