Government wants centre to hike MSP of Jawar, says MLA Nadahalli

KDP meeting discussed on declining sowing of Jawar in Bijapur district

BIJAPUR; 26 Feb: The steadily decreasing of Jawar sowing areas in the district turned out to be one of the important matters of discussion during the quarterly Karnataka Development Programme (KDP) meeting on Friday.

Joint Director of Agriculture Department, Rajashekhar Williams informed that in the last about a decade, the sowing areas of Jawar has been steadily declining in the district, despite the fact that Jawar is the staple diet of people of Bijapur district.

Mentioning some of the reasons for the farmers showing less interest in cultivating this crop, he said that owing to absence of mechanization, increasing labour cost and limited price for the crop in the market, has been forcing the farmers to switch to other lucrative crops such as Toor.

In the meeting chaired by District In-charge Minister, Shashikala Jolle, MLA, A. S. Patil Nadahalli said that the government is contemplating to urge the Centre Government to increase the MSP of Jawar to encourage the farmers to cultivate Jawar.

“ The State government will request the centre to announce MSP of Rs. 3500/quintal to Jawar. Since the farmers are not getting remunerative price of the Jawar, they are reluctant to cultivate Jawar”, Nadahalli said.

Meanwhile asking the agriculture department to promote a multi crop system in the district to help the farmers to earn more profit, he said that if a multi crop system is adopted then, the farmers can cover the loss in another crop if they lose money on one crop.

With regard to crop insurance, Minister Jolle asked the officials to encourage more farmers to apply for crop insurance as it is the best way to cover the loss owing to natural calamities.

Admitting that only around 30% of the farmers apply for crop insurance in the State, Jolle asked the officials to ensure that at least 90% of the farmers enroll for crop insurance.

The official however said that despite giving enormous publicity, the farmers are reluctant to apply for crop insurance. “ When the district receives good rains, the farmers think that they will not get insurance as they get good harvest”, he said.

Amid this, ZP President, Sujata Kallimani urged the Minister to get Krishi Honda (Farm Pond) project resumed as there is a huge demand for it among the farmers.

Referring to Toor procurement, the officials of APMC said that some 146 centres have been opened in the district to procure Toor, but since the price in the open market has increased, the farmers are selling the commodity to private traders.

He however said that despite the government giving a higher amount for Bengal Gram under MSP against the price in the open market, the farmers are not coming to register at procurement centres.

To this, Nadahalli suggested the officials to convert Toor procurement Centres into Bengal Gram centres to encourage the farmers to sell the commodity at the centres itself.

Appreciating the idea, Jolle and Deputy Commissioner, P. Sunil Kumar also asked the official to follow the suggestion.

The meeting also discussed various other issues.

MLAs, Yeshwantraigouda Patil, Devanand Chavan, ZP CEO, Govind Reddy and others were present.

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