Govt. Watches As Support Surges For Farmers

By Srinivasan Nandagopal

The terming of ‘Being Adamant’, the pressure to appear before the Expert Committee, the NIA (National Intelligence Agency) summoning leaders of Farmers’ groups and consistent delay in taking any constructive measures by the Union Government even after nine rounds of talks clearly is an indication that there is an ‘optimistic expectation’ among the ruling class that the farmers agitation will lose sheen in the days to come and they would succumb to their own fatigue. However, it does not seem to be happening that way.

As if to boost the moral of the agitating brethren, individuals and organisations are coming forward to support the cause in their own way. Lined up washing machines, tailoring service, saloon among other ancillary support is here to stay at the borders of the national capital suggesting that the fight is far from over.

Khalsa Aid has put up as many as 10 washing machines in Tikri border, while they has pressed into service 6 each in other borders. Meanwhile a couple of youngsters from Punjab had been serving people with two machines at Singhu border since the initial days of the agitation. Guru Ka Langar also houses a couple of washing machines at farmers’ disposal.

Interesting is the story of Princepal Singh from Ludhiana who has bought two washing machines helping people at Singhu border. He was part of the Delhi Chalo agitation and stayed put up in a tent. After a few days, they wondered about the soiled clothes and sent the bundle of them back home 350 kms. It was then he realized the need for washing machines and was immediate to buy two of them.

As a gesture of solidarity, local have been supportive in providing water and electricity free of cost thus facilitating the machines run round the clock.

While the clothes are washed, here is Dalveer Singh with his sewing machine at the service of the people in need. The bottom line is that Dalveer is unmindful of his new job in hand at the UAE. A tailor in Burnala town, he was expecting his Visa for a job in the Gulf country when the Delhi Chalo call echoed in the air around Punjab. He joined the band wagon with getting back to his previous occupation of tailoring at the Singhu border. He has received his Visa now but owes to be there till the war for justice is not complete.

While Washing clothes and Stitching, one other person to look for is a barber. And, here he is, Gurjan Singh offering the ‘Kundan’ service absolutely free of cost. Hair and Beard assume significance for the Sikh community and a special process is adopted to trim the beard using certain chemicals. Gurjan would earn as high as Rs 600 per person back in his home town of Ludhiana but his free service only speaks of his involvement and sacrifice in support of this historic event in the history of post independent India.

All this while, 54 days have passed by and the Government is playing the game of Hide and Seek with the lakhs of agitating farmers.

News Input From Mass Media Foundation

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