Health and Medical Education Ministry would be soon merged: Minister Sudhakar

BELAGAVI; 21 Nov: Minister for Health and Medical Education, K. Sudhakar has said that the government is contemplating to merge Health Ministry and Medical Education Ministry to make it one single ministry for better coordination and functioning.

Speaking after inaugurating several development works at Belagavi Institute of Medical Science (BIMS) on Saturday, he said that the government would take a final call on the matter.

Candidly admitting that the Covid pandemic has taught several lessons to the government on improving health facilities, Dr. Sudhakar said that after learning lessons, the government is establishing an oxygen production unit in all medical colleges of the State.

“ We have witnessed the acute shortage of oxygen during the pandemic. To avoid such problems in future, we are now setting up of oxygen units in medical colleges”, he said.

The Minister said that the government is making efforts to convert all primary health centres of the state to function round the clock for the patients.

He said that based on the population, the number of PHCs would be increased in the state and ambulance services would be enhanced.

He said a 350-bed hospital built in the city would be inaugurated soon.

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