“I have said that I will protect everyone including minorities”: CM Siddaramaiah

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah clarified that he has said that he will protect everyone, including minorities.

He responded to the media near Suvarnasoudha in Belgaum about the BJP calling the CM’s statement that Rs 4,000 to 5,000 crores would be set aside for minorities in the budget.

“What is wrong with my words? I have said that I will protect everyone, including the minorities,” he said.

Chief Minister’s speech is condemnable: Bommai
“The Chief Minister spoke in a meeting yesterday about giving special rights to minorities in national wealth. This is the politics of appeasement and vote bank politics and he seems to have forgotten his duty as the Chief Minister to do justice to all,” criticized former CM Basavaraja Bommai.

Commenting on the X website, he said, “Already, the minorities are receiving grants through various programs from the WCP Board Minority Corporation and the Minority Commission. It is the aim of all governments that they too should get an education and become self-reliant. However, the way the Chief Minister is riding on all other communities is reprehensible.”

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