Israel-Hamas War: 32 patients die at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza

Cairo: At least 32 patients have died in Al Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip in the last three days, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.

Medical services have been suspended at the hospital since Saturday due to a disruption in the power supply to the hospital. In addition, the Israeli army attacked the places around this hospital on Sunday.

Many people died in the hospital and more than a hundred were injured. However, none of them are able to go out of the hospital. Hospital director Mohammad Abu Selmia told AFP news agency that the ambulances were standing still because they were being shot at.

Al Shifa Hospital is a good example of how Hamas rebels use human shields. Israel has accused the militants of keeping a military base and other military infrastructure in the hospital compound without any evidence. By this, the attack around the hospital has been justified.

However, Hamas and the hospital staff denied this allegation.

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