It doesn’t matter if the government doesn’t give a “guarantee” scheme, let the sale of liquor be banned

Dharwad: The state government’s decision to grant a license for the sale of liquor in 600 small village panchayats of the state is condemnable, activists of the state women’s union and alcohol prohibition movement demanded immediate cancellation of the license for the sale of liquor.

In this regard, the workers of Kalaghatagi taluk unit submitted a request letter to the Chief Minister through the Tehsildar to ban the sale of liquor.

“It doesn’t matter if the state government led by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah doesn’t give us the five guarantee scheme, but only the sale of liquor has been demanded to be completely banned. He demanded that the government should take the issue seriously and ban the sale of liquor.

Activist Ningamma Savanura spoke about this with reporters, “Many people have become victims of alcoholism due to the sale of liquor, due to which many families have come to the streets. Although it is known that alcohol is harmful to health, many consume it. It is a tragedy that lately our society is becoming a drunkard kingdom. “Underage people are ruining their lives by falling into the evil of drinking,” he lamented.

On this occasion, there were women from the Women’s Organization, the Alcohol Prohibition Movement, and the Rural Labor Workers’ Organization.

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