It is advisable to remove the word ‘secular’ from JDS: Minister Zameer Ahmed

Housing and Minority Welfare Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan said that the BJP-JDS alliance will benefit the Congress party and JDS has now proved to be the BJP’s B team.

Speaking after announcing the official alliance with the JDS and the BJP, he said that it would be appropriate for the JDS to remove the term secular from now on.

In 2019, Congress formed an alliance with JDS. If we had gone separately we would have won at least ten places. We went down to one point for going with JDS. He quipped that the BJP’s situation will be the same in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

State JDS President C.M. Ibrahim was not called. The minister questioned whether he was not called as belonging to the Muslim community.

I have great respect for Devegowda. Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda, who had previously said that he did not agree with forming a government with the BJP, now what does he say? Zameer Ahmed Khan asked why he kept silent about the alliance.

The JDS-BJP alliance has now proved that the Congress party is the only secular one. It has become clear to the people of the state that the alliance has no ideology. Minister Zameer has predicted that Congress will benefit from the BJP-JDS alliance in the next Lok Sabha elections.

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