JD(S) protest against hike in petrol, diesel prices

BIJAPUR; 24 Feb:  Protesting against the increasing prices of petrol and diesel in the country, the district unit of JD(S) led by president, Mallikarjun Yendigeri took out a march on Wednesday.

Addressing the protestors, Yendigeri said that the government has completely lost control over its own companies that are hiking the prices of petrol and diesel uncontrollably every day.

Stating that the increasing prices only symbolizes the complete failure of the government in checking price rise, he said that the promise made by the BJP to bring good days for people has fully fallen flat.

Accusing the BJP government of putting financial burden on the common people, he said that in the last nearly seven years of the BJP government in the country, the common people have only suffered as the government has not given any relief in the sector.

Reminding the BJP of its protests against price rise when it was in opposition, Yendigeri said that the BJP has adopted double standards as it does something when in opposition and something else when in power.

“ The same BJP leaders who have become Ministers today, were protesting on the streets during UPA government when the price of petrol was hiked. Today, when the petrol price has reached Rs. 100/liter, the same leaders are not saying a word on it. This shows the hypocrisy of the BJP leaders”, he said.

Stating that the petrol price has seen a cascading effect on other essential commodities, he said that the government has to bring down prices to LPG and petrol to give a much needed relief to people who are already suffering from acute financial crises caused by Covid pandemic.

Riyaz Faruqui, Chandrakant Hiremath, Raju Hipparagi, Iranna Motagi, V. K. Bagayat, Ijaz Ahmed Makbul, Sajid Risaldar, Shivubai Waji, Snehalata Shetty, S. S. Khadri Inamdar and others were present.

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