Kannadigas living in Maharashtra wants more facilities from Karnataka

They demand higher allocation of funds to save Kannada and Kannadigas

BIJAPUR; 08 Mar: Accusing Karnataka government of neglecting Kannada and Kannadigas living in bordering areas of Maharashtra, Amrutananadaswamy of Gyanayogashrama in Balgaon village in Jath taluk of Sangli district, the seer has demanding the government to care about Kannadigas living in Maharashtra.

Addressing presspersons on Monday, he said that on the one hand, the Maharashtra government is making every effort to shut down Kannada schools of Maharashtra, one the other, the government of Karnataka is also making no efforts to protect them.

Claiming that majority Kannada speaking people are living in Jath taluk of Sangli district where Kannadigas prefer to study in Kannada itself.

“ When the people of Maharashtra are so keen about Kannada, I don’t understand why the government of Karnataka makes no efforts to preserve this language”, he said.

Regretting that only Rs. 6 crore has been reserved for the Kannada Development Authority, he said that at least Rs. 50 crore should be reserved for the development of Kannada in Maharashtra.

“ Because of the shortage of staff in Kannada schools, the students are already suffering. The Maharashtra government is not appointing new teachers. In such a condition, how it is possible to save Kannada. Soon, the Kannada school will get closed here”, he said.

Mentioning one more order of Maharashtra government, he said that the government has issued orders to open Marathi schools in all the places where Kannada schools are already functioning.

“ If that happens so, then gradually, students will shift to Marathi schools and Kannada schools will have to be shut in the absence of students”, he said.

Claiming that Maharashtra government has reserved 3% seats in government jobs for Marathas studying in Karnataka in Marathi schools, similarly, the government of Karnataka too should reserve at least 5 % seats in government jobs for Kannadigas studying in Kannada school in Maharashtra.

Malikjan Shaikh, president of Adarsha Kannada Balaga of Maharashtra said that since Sangli district has no single Kannada Bhavan, the Kannadigas are unable to celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava.

He demanded the Karnataka government to offer funds for the construction of Kannada Bhavans in Kannadiga dominated areas of Maharashtra.

Referring to the irrigation problems being faced by the Kannadigas of bordering areas to Bijapur district, he demanded the government to extend lift irrigation projects of Tikota and Indi of Bijapur district to Sangali district.

He said that by entering an agreement with the Maharashtra government, it is possible to extend water projects to Maharashtra which will help farmers of bordering areas where mostly Kannadigas are living.

Somashekhar Jamashetty, president of Jath Taluk Kannada Sahitya Parishat and other functionaries were present.

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