Karnataka Govt. Plans to Shut Down 13,000 Government Schools— Dr. Niranjan Aaradhya

Bengaluru: Dr. Niranjana Aaradhya has spoken in the press about the falling learning levels and released the documents at the Bengaluru press conference.

Learning levels in Karnataka have fallen drastically with higher dropout rates and learning loss among children. The reasons for this fall can be attributed not just to the pandemic but also to other factors as detailed in the report. Unfortunately, the government has done little to address the problem.

As he explained and mentioned in the report, there are various reasons for falling learning levels: learning gaps due to COVID and government school closures for almost two years led to huge learning gaps.

57.7% of teaching posts are vacant in government schools in Karnataka, which has been reported as the highest in the nation. Only 23% of Karnataka’s government schools have the basic infrastructure facilities mandated by the RTE Act.

The hijab ban has caused the communalization of the classroom and the denial of education and dignity to Muslim girl students. Additionally, articles that distorted history and lacked professional expertise replaced contributions from Dalits, Muslims, women, and progressive authors.

The government plans to shut down 13,000 government schools in the name of mergers for privatisation and six new private universities to be set up by the state without any adequate discussion. There was no proper implementation of the NEP and a lack of consultation with teachers.

Scholarships for SC, ST, BC, and OBC students have been delayed or ceased. The reservations for Muslim students were removed arbitrarily, as clearly mentioned in the report.

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