L.K. Advani says Lord Rama has chosen PM Modi to rebuild his temple

BJP stalwart L K Advani recently published an article where he has written that it is the destiny that has chosen Prime Minister Narendra Modi to to build a grand temple of Lord Ram in Ayodhya.

The article is to be published in a special edition of the ‘Rashtra Dharma’ magazine next week. The article is titled as ‘Ram Mandir Nirman, Ek Divya Swapna Ki Purti’, where Advani referred to the ‘Rath Yatra’ he took out 33 years ago for Ram temple construction. He also said that he believes the Ayodhya movement was the “most decisive and transformative event” in the political journey which he had endured and it also allowed him to “re-discover India and, in that process, to re-understand himself”.

Some of the excerpts of the article is taken which says, “He (Narendra Modi) was not very famous then. But at that very time Lord Ram had chosen his devotee (Modi) to rebuild his temple,” a source quoted the BJP veteran as saying in his article. “At that time I felt that destiny had decided that one day a grand temple of Shri Ram would definitely be built in Ayodhya,” Advani said, adding, “Well, now it’s only a matter of time”.

“When Prime Minister Narendra Modi consecrates the (Lord Ram’s idol at the) temple, he will represent every citizen of our India. I pray that this temple inspires all Indians to adopt the qualities of Shri Ram,” Advani said.

A copy of the magazine’s special edition which has the article of Advani will be shared with all the guests and other people who will attend the consecration ceremony in Ayodhya, sources said.

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