Manipur Horror: How fake news led to two women’s naked parade, Questions and outrage pour out

The most horrific and gruesome video from 4th May which is now going viral, shows two Kuki women being paraded naked by at least a mob of fifty men who are also touching the women’s private parts, taking them to the open fields which allegedly led to gang rape.

How fake news led to rape

The gross sexual violation occurred when a picture of a woman’s body wrapped in a plastic bag with false allegations that it is a Meitei woman, raped and killed by Kuki men went viral in Churachandpur, the woman in the picture was identified as Aayushi Chaudhry from Delhi who killed by her parents in 2022, according to The Print.

The false picture was released after clashes broke out between the Meiteis and the Kukis on 3rd May in Manipur. On May 4th, 2023, a mob of at least fifty Meitei men, in revenge dragged two women and paraded them naked and later allegedly gang-raped them. One of the victims was in her 40s while the other was just 21.

Is this a lone incident?

The Print reported last week at least six cases of sexual violations and rapes in Manipur.

Independent journalist Tamal Saha had this to say:

“During my stay there (Manipur) came across cases of violations but survivors requested their story not be told. Because every video & every such story had the potential of more retaliatory violations. Women cared for other women irrespective of their community.”

Questions raised

Women and Child Welfare Minister Smriti Irani took to Twitter to condemn the incident, her silence on gross sexual violations in Manipur up until now is being questioned.

The press release by the Manipur Police, says all efforts are being made to nab the accused.

But the gross sexual violations in Manipur have many questioning the government and the role of the police.
A May 4 incident comes o light only after the video went viral. An FIR was reportedly lodged on May 18th in Nongpok Sekmai PS (Thoubal district) against unknown armed miscreants.

The most pertinent question being asked by netizens is, why does it take 77 days for the authorities to speak up and act while the culprits have been roaming free since then? The police put out a statement only after the video went viral and people outraged and condemned the incident on social media.

Manipur ignored by mainstream media

An overwhelming silence in the mainstream media on Manipur ethnic violence which has been going on for almost three months has left many wondering about the state of affairs. TV debates, talk shows, and reports on Manipur ethnic violence in the mainstream India are almost nil.

Condemnation from various quarters

Opposition leaders took charge in condemning the horrific incident from Manipur.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tweeted in Hindi, “The pictures of sexual violence against women coming from Manipur are heart wrenching. The amount of condemnation of this horrific incident of violence against women is less. Women and children have to bear the maximum brunt of violence in society. We must all condemn the violence in one voice while furthering the efforts for peace in Manipur. Why is the Central Government, Prime Minister sitting blindly on the violent incidents in Manipur? Do such pictures and violent incidents not disturb them?”

Rahul Gandhi questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence and said that the opposition coalition INDIA will not remain silent and they stand with the people of Manipur.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also took to Twitter to condemn the incident, “The incident in Manipur is very shameful and condemnable. This kind of heinous act cannot be tolerated in the Indian society. The situation in Manipur is becoming very worrying. I appeal to the Prime Minister to pay attention to the situation in Manipur. Please take strict action against the culprits seen in the video of this incident. There should be no place for people of such criminal nature in India.”

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