Memorandum submitted for restoration of ‘KMDC’ loans for students

A memorandum requesting the restoration of Arivu Loan scheme, was submitted by Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) Karnataka to the Deputy Commissioner Mr. Dada Fairoz’s office on September 6.

“Arivu Loan”, introduced by the Karnataka minority development corporation (KDMC), plays a very crucial role in the upliftment of students from the minority community. It extends loan facility to the poorest among minorities and enables them to become self-reliant. It also provides social justice, infrastructure and

A delegation led by Ms. Hebah Fathima, Asst. District organizer of GIO Dakshina Kannada, Ms. Thasleema and Ms. Shaima, secretary and member of GIO Mangalore, submitted the memorandum, urging the attention of the Karnataka Chief Minister, KMDC director and the official concerned in this regard.

Talking to THG Hebah Fathima said, “We have confirmed news that students who have applied for the edible loan haven’t recieved the amount since 2019. We have conducted local survey as well, which shows students recieved the amount before lockdown, after that no one recieved it.”

“In a statement, the KMDC director had said that they will not be be sanctioning any loan and won’t be recieving any more applications during the Covid-19 period. However, he promised those who already applied for it, would receive the amount. But since the pandemic none of them recieved any amount,” Fatima added.

In recent years, the director of KDMC claimed there was reduction in the sanction of loans in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. However a survey conducted by GIO says otherwise.

Since 2019 none of the applicants received the loan amount and has pushed many students who are otherwise dependent on it for their academic fees, into severe hardship.

“It’s hindering their studies and very difficult to manage. While conducting the survey, people told us that it’s difficult to continue studies as the institutions were pressuring them to pay the fees and they were not able to do so. If the government does not support the students of minorities or any students in general. Who else is going to help them?” She said.

Therefore keeping all that in mind, Fatima said, “We took the step and submitted one memorandum yesterday and three others today. So far we haven’t got any response from them. I’m not sure we would get reply.”

The government must consider the plight of the least represented community of students, who are striving towards success in this competitive society with their limited or even non-existent resources.


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