Mind your own business, Minister Somashekhar asks Siddaramaiah

Mysuru: Karnataka Minister for Cooperation and senior BJP leader S T Somasekhar on Tuesday said that let opposition leader in the Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah concentrate on his job instead of predicting others debacle.
“Let him concentrate on his work, including strengthening his party, instead of poking nose into other party affairs,” he added.
Mr Somasekhar, who is also Mysore District Incharge Minister, said that the ruling BJP government and Ministers do not need his certificate.
Speaking to media persons here on Tuesday, he said that appreciation by party high-command and the Union Minister is enough. Neither Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa nor the other ministers need Siddaramaiah’s certificate.
“He should stop predicting the future of the BJP and its government. Rather he should concentrate on his duties as Opposition Leader and on his own party affairs. Such statements, for publicity sake, are not good for him. He seems to be too free and looks like he is learning astrology. He has only predicted the removal of Yediyurappa since last few months, he added.
He said, “The Chief Minister has handled the Covid-19 crisis and other issues ably. Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself has lauded the efforts in this regard. Yediyurappa will be CM for the remaining two and a half years. Amit Shah has reiterated this.”

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