Muslim man removed from bus for carrying ‘non-veg food’ in Delhi

A Muslim man in Delhi was removed from a bus when the conductor came to know that he was carrying ‘non-veg food’ in the bag.

Imran, who works in Nizamuddin area alleged that after packing ‘non-veg food’, he had boarded the bus number 410 of DTC from Shiv Mandir bus stop in Delhi Nizamuddin. The lady conductor of the bus asked him what was in the bag? But he clearly told he was carrying non-veg food, on this point he was removed from the bus.

A video has gone viral on social media, where Imran a resident of Lajpat Nagar Jal Vihar, is heard talking about the partiality done to him as he was carrying chicken with him while boarding the bus. He asked, “Tell me where it is written that if you carry non-veg food, you can’t board the bus?”

In the video, it is further urged that the Delhi police take strict action against the bus driver and conductor, who discriminatory removed the Muslim man for carrying non-veg.

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