‘No Bird Flu in Bijapur, Chicken lovers can continue to enjoy meat’

Officials of Animal Husbandry says that chances of Bird Flu coming to Bijapur from Kerala is almost nil

BIJAPUR; 07 Jan: Following the reports of Bird Flu virus erupting in Kerala and government of Karnataka also sounding alert in the State, the Department of Animal Husbandry has taken necessary precautions to prevent the spreading of virus here.

Though the officials made it clear that the chances of Bird Flu entering Bijapur is almost negligible as Chicken is largely imported from Maharashtra in Bijapur where there is no case of Bird Flu being reported, however steps have been taken as precautionary measures.

Deputy Commissioner, P. Sunil Kumar has said that the District Administration has been monitoring the situation closely and keeping watch on birds.

“ We have asked the local officials to keep visiting the poultry farms of the district to check their condition. We have already been conducting vaccination drives routinely . We have also appealed to the people to inform us about any suspicious death of any bird in their areas”, he said.

Confirming it, Pranesh Jagirdar, Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry Department said that the veterinary doctors have been checking on the movements of the chicken, he said that regular monitoring of vehicles carrying chicken from Maharashtra is being conducted.

“ We believe that the possibility of Bird Flu coming to Bijapur from Kerala is very remote, but still, we do not want to take any chances, therefore we are keeping monitoring the situation”, he said.

Making it clear that so far, no case of Bird Flu detected in the district, he has said that the chicken lovers could eat the meat without any fear.

“ People can enjoy eating chicken without any fear as there is just no case of Bird Flu in the district”, he said.

Jagirdar also said that the department would be calling the meeting of poultry farm owners to educate them about the matter and to dispel fear of people.

“ During the meeting we will tell the farm owner about the bird flu and how to take care of their birds. At the same time, we will also try to dispel fear among the people. We request the people not to spread any rumors also which could cause heavy economic loss to the farm owner like it happened in case of Covid-19 when people spread misleading information that chicken is the reason for Covid infection”, he said.

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