No Objection to Savarkar Photo but remove the Hindu Rashtra Banner – SDPI

Udupi: Udupi District Social Democratic Party of India(SDPI) held a press conference on the issue of the Brahmagiri Circle Hindu Rashtra Banner.

SDPI Vice President Shahid Ali said, “It was a state without disputes, problems, and hatred. Unfortunately, incidents like UP, MP, and Rajasthan have started here. He said that a North India-style incident has started in Karnataka too.

Issues like bulldozer and hijab started in Udupi itself. Jai Hindu Rashtra banner has been put up in Brahmagiri. People’s representatives say they will follow the constitution. Hindu Rashtra is the concept of RSS. He said that this conspiracy is going on to get Hindu votes and separate them from others. The Hindu nation is just a concept of getting Hindu votes.

Hindus have seen this government rule for eight years. Hindu youths are committing suicide without jobs. Hindus are in trouble, so whose nation is this?. This is Manusmriti Rashtra… Brahmins are trying to keep India in their fist. He said that this conspiracy is going on to disturb the peace and get people’s votes.

He demanded the removal of the banner saying Hindu Rashtra and said there is no major objection to Savarkar’s portrait. Earlier there was no Savarkar text in school books. Now the government will put the portrait of whoever they want, and we will not lose hope, we will fight. We will convince the people. We have appealed to the District Commissioner”.

We are not countering anyone, but we are preventing an unconstitutional act. We will struggle hard to remove the Hindu Rastra Banners and we have already discussed this with the District Administration.


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