No one has sold as many cows as ISKCON; ISKCON’s response to BJP MP’s allegation

ISKCON has responded to BJP MP Maneka Gandhi’s statement that no one has sold as many cows as ISKCON has sold to meat sellers. The allegations of the Parliamentarian are baseless.

Denying Maneka Gandhi’s allegations, ISKCON national spokesperson Yudhishthir Govind Das said, “Not only India but the world is working for the conservation of cows and bulls. Cows and bulls remain in ISKCON’s Goshala for as long as they live. “We will not sell a single cow, bull, or calf to the butchers”.

Maneka Gandhi was interviewed by a news channel last month. A short video clip of it has gone viral on social media. In the video, she said, “The biggest fraudsters in this country are ISKCON. They build cow sheds. They get lot of benefits from the government to run them. Recently, I went to their Anantapur Goshala. There was not a single old cow, not even calves. “Only milking cows are kept,” she alleged.

Sharing a video of his statement, RJD national campaign in-charge Prashant Kanojia said, “I have been saying for many years that if there is any organization that is most bogus and cheating in India, it is ISKCON.

Now Maneka Gandhi has also spoken the same. ISKCON says Hare Krishna on the street. But, they have a bigger agenda inside. ISKCON is also deeply racist. They have talked about making Dalits and black people slaves,” she tweeted.

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