Paddy stocks: Rice prices increase

Tekkalakote: A good crop has been grown in Siruguppa taluk despite a lack of paddy planting. The farmers of the taluk, who used to plant 65 thousand hectares of paddy during the monsoon season, have planted paddy only 32 thousand hectares this time.

The market price of paddy is RNR Rs.3,150 per quintal and Sona Mussoorie is Rs. 2,700. Last time, during this season, the market rate was Rs.2 thousand per quintal. This time, farmers are not selling paddy even though the price has increased by Rs.1,000 per quintal.

Due to this, the price of rice has increased and currently, Sona Mussoorie rice has crossed Rs.4,800 per quintal and RNR has crossed Rs. 5,200. New RNR rice is selling at Rs.57 per kg and Sona Mussoorie at Rs.50 per kg.

‘Farmers are stockpiling paddy in the hope that they can get a higher price for paddy in the coming days. Due to this, the price of rice in the market has increased to a great extent, said Badrinath, the owner of MR Industries rice mill.

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