Peasant Struggle: Central Government orders Suspension of accounts, posts from Twitter (X)

The Indian government has ordered the blocking of certain accounts and posts on the social networking site ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), Elon Musk-led ‘X’ said.

X’s ‘Global Government Affairs’ team shared the information. “We have blocked those ‘India only’ accounts and posts. However, we do not agree with these measures. Posts should not be blocked in violation of freedom of expression. We advocate that freedom of expression be extended to these posts and accounts,” the agency emphasized.

“A writ appeal challenging the orders freezing the accounts of the Government of India by our stand is pending for hearing. We believe it is essential for transparency to inform the public of government mandates by our policies,” it said.

The central government has ordered social media to temporarily block around 177 social media accounts and web links related to the farmers’ protest. After this, ‘X’ posted his statement.

The orders were issued on February 14 and 19 by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology at the request of the Home Ministry under Section 69A of the IT Act.

It ordered the blocking of links and accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and some other social media platforms. The ministry is reported to have said that these accounts can be restored after the farmers’ struggle is over.

There is no other option but to obey the orders of the governments

Twitter chief Elon Musk said in June last year that “the social media platform has no choice but to comply with local laws in any country”.

“Twitter has no choice but to comply with orders from local governments. “If we don’t follow local government laws, we will have to shut down our platforms,” ​​he said.

Dorsey, who resigned as Twitter CEO in 2021, claimed in an interview that when he was CEO, “the Indian government ordered Twitter to block accounts that supported the 2020-2021 farmer protests and were critical of the government.”

“If we don’t follow government orders, Twitter will have to shut down in India. India is a very big market for us; They (central government) had said, ‘We will attack the houses of your employees’; This is India, a democratic country,” said Dorsey in displeasure.

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