PM Modi Sends Unexpected WhatsApp Messages to Indian, Pakistani, and British Expatriates in UAE

The smartphones of Indian, Pakistani, and British expatriates in the UAE were surprised to receive a WhatsApp message from an Indian number last weekend. The message sought feedback and suggestions on schemes and initiatives of the Government of India. Along with this, there is also a letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in PDF format!

It wouldn’t come as a shock if this message reaches Indian expatriates in the UAE. However, there’s uncertainty regarding its dissemination among Pakistani and British expatriates. Moreover, the letter has reached UAE residents, sparking concerns about the security of foreigners’ documents.

In a letter released on the eve of the Election Commission’s announcement of the Lok Sabha election date, Prime Minister Modi sought suggestions and support in fulfilling his resolve to build a prosperous India. While this message may not come as a surprise to Indians, the fact that this message has reached non-Indians has made the Indian government look at foreigners with suspicion.

Asma Zain, a Pakistani journalist based in Dubai, talking about the message she received from the Indian government said, “I received this message in the middle of the night. This surprised me. What kind of advice may Hon’ble Modi need from me? More importantly, should I give those suggestions? The question arose,” he said. Fahad Siddiqui, another Pakistani in the UAE, commented, “It’s very strange.”

A British resident of Dubai, who recently traveled to India for work, also received this message. In the beginning, he thought it was the professionalism of the country. “But how can the Indian government get our mobile number? I am curious about that.”

Prime Minister Modi is gearing up for a third term and has announced that he will win more than 400 seats in the upcoming elections.

Sending WhatsApp messages to voters has been criticized by the opposition. In particular, the number of foreigners receiving WhatsApp messages from the Indian government has raised doubts about the safety of their confidential documents. “We are citizens of Pakistan, Britain, UAE. How did the Indian government get our number?” The recipient of this message asked.

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