Prajwal Sex Scandal | Accused Prajwal escaped by train from Germany to London

The SIT has issued various notices for the arrest of Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna, accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of women and hiding depravity after recording the act.

However, he has escaped abroad and has not returned to Bangalore. Prajwal Revanna was said to be in Germany. Now, he is reported to have traveled from Germany to London by train.

It is reported that the accused Prajwal and his two friends went to London by train with the help of an Indian-origin businessman in England.

After voting on April 26, it was said that Prajwal, who escaped from Bengaluru, went to Germany. There was information that Allim had gone to Dubai. It was said that he would come to Bangalore from Dubai. However, he is playing hide and seek in foreign countries. It is doubtful that he will come to India until the results of the Lok Sabha elections are announced.

It is learned that the accused Prajwal had booked flight tickets to come to India on May 3 and 15. However, they canceled both times. So the officials are keeping an eye on the next ticket booking.

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