Prime Minister Modi reduced the price of cylinders after yielding to the pressure of Congress guarantees: D.K. Shivakumar

Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar said that Prime Minister Modi has reduced the gas cylinder price by Rs 200 after giving in to our pressure.

Responding to a question asked by the media near his Sadashivanagar residence in Bengaluru whether the Prime Minister was afraid of the Congress government’s guarantees, he said, “Why are those who say they are going bankrupt with free donations giving 1,500 in Madhya Pradesh? Why did they reduce the price of a cylinder by 200 rupees? Women in BJP-ruled states are scolding that Congress is giving them why it is not possible for you, so the BJP government is following the model of Karnataka. We have no problem giving money to the people of this country. But the truth is that they are afraid of the ‘Karnataka model’.

”Shakti, Griha Jyothi, Anna Bhagya are all guaranteed success. Due to this, the girls of the entire country have lost their hearts to the ‘Karnataka model’. “We have successfully completed 100 days and the Congress party is celebrating it like a festival, people are celebrating,” he said.

“We implemented 4 guarantees in just 100 days.” Siddaramaiah gave in-principle approval to implement the guarantee scheme in the first cabinet meeting. We have done something which is not done in any state where BJP rules. Let’s look at BJP’s manifesto, theirs is only a promise, ours is a guarantee,” he said.

When asked about the BJP releasing a charge sheet against the Congress government, he said, “Let only one person prove what is in it. The time to unravel their rituals is near. What is a charge sheet? They don’t have the ability to choose their own leader,” he quipped.

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