“Prime Minister said in the national session that Modi is the candidate for all constituencies” – Union Minister Shobha Karandlaje

The election preparations in Udupi are progressing well. Significant development has been achieved in various sectors, including National Highways, the Department of Posts, and the Department of Railways, through successful programs. It has been highlighted that the central government schemes have effectively reached 80 to 90 percent of the population.

Despite these advancements, there’s a sense of lag in the campaign. During the national session, the Prime Minister emphasized that Modi represents all parties, regardless of the individual candidates. He emphasized that the identity of the candidate is irrelevant, and differences should be set aside for the greater good.

He pointed out that dissent is preordained and that wealth should not dictate electoral outcomes. Emphasizing the democratic essence, he noted that anyone, regardless of financial status, can hold significant positions in the government. He cited the example of the Prime Minister’s humble background as a tea seller and the representation of ordinary people like himself in Parliament.

Addressing concerns about letter campaigns in Chikkamagalur, it was revealed that approximately 41 letters were posted by only four individuals, each contributing around 10-15 letters. Minister Shobha Karandlaje clarified in Udupi that they were responsible for the letter postings.

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