Protest demanding relocation of slum dwellers

Government land should be identified and allotted land to the landless residents living in various slums. The leaders of Slum Janandola Karnataka, Savitribai Bapule Women’s Organization have held a press protest in Davangere, demanding that an area be identified in Davangere city and declared as a slum area.

The leaders of the organizations protesting in front of the Collector’s office have submitted a letter of claim to the Collector.

G.H. Renuka Yallamma, who spoke at the protest. He said, “There are about 3,000 poor wage labor families in about 73 different slums under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Corporation. All of them are doing wage work and living in rented houses”.

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit, there was no proper work. “Due to the rise in prices, it is very difficult to build a house and live,” he said.

“Until now not a single poor slum dweller has been allotted a plot. Former District Collector Gautam Bagadi had said that landless slum dwellers would be given first priority after purchasing the land. However, nobody has been allotted a plot on that land so far,” he said.

“Land should be identified for the real landless and given to the real beneficiaries,” he demanded.

Shabbir Saab, Manjula, Jamshida Banu, Balappa, Anandappa, Savithramma, Reshma Banu, Rekha, Asmabanu, Rajeshwari, Salabana, Sikandar and others were present in the protest.

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