Railway accident case: The train drivers were watching cricket while the train was running

Andhra Pradesh: The railway minister informed about the case where 14 passengers were killed when a train missed the signal and collided with another train, “The loco pilot (train driver) of the train was watching cricket. That is how the incident happened.”

“The incident took place when the loco pilot and fellow loco pilot were distracted by the cricket ED while watching the ODI World Cup match between hosts India and England in Andhra Pradesh in October,” Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said, reported ‘PTI’.

“We are devising a system to ensure that loco pilots and co-pilots are fully focused on driving the train,” he said.

Authorities fired the station master and three other employees last month after a freight train traveled 70 kilometers (40 miles) without a driver. Due to the incident, about 50 trains were halted at various stations for two hours, causing chaos on a scale. Thus, he was dismissed.

India has one of the largest railway networks in the world. However, there have been several railway accidents in recent years. In 1981, an estimated 800 people died when a train derailed while crossing a bridge in Bihar. In June 2023, around 300 people were killed in a collision between three trains in the state of Odisha.

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